Hey I'm Sandra!

As a nursing practitioner student and health and wellness content creator, I have learned how to navigate the balance between my studies and creative work. Through 8 years of brand work and running a six-figure company dedicated to inspire others to practice healthy living, I have gained valuable experience in building my personal brand and creating content that aligns with my passion for promoting healthy living.



Happy Customers

Sandra's 30 Day TikTok Challenge proved to be a fun and exciting way to challenge myself as a new medical student content creator. The media kit provided by Sandra was super easy to use, making it a breeze to create content that aligned with my personal brand. I had struggled with not knowing what to charge for my services, but once I discovered Sandra's templates, it was a major game changer. The templates gave me the confidence to pitch to potential clients and set fair rates for my valuable content creation skills. Not only did the challenge push me to create engaging content, but it also helped me find my footing in the competitive world of content creation.
-Jenna Horn, NY

    Thanks to Sandra, I can finally start my dream journey! I got the chance to negotiate with brands and I love it.

    - Dawn Li, CA 

    You totally changed my life! I found the templates super useful and this is just what I needed to start my personal brand.

    - Thanh Cau, TX 

    Using Sandra's brand pitch templates was a game-changer for me. It helped me score major rand deals and elevated my personal brand to the next level!

    - Anne Tran, CA