Hey, I'm Sandra! CALIFORNIA lifestyle blogger

Sandra Wong is an Influencer coach and content creator focused on health and wellness. Currently a Nurse Practitioner student in California, she has a wealth of experience in the medical field as a former dermatology medical assistant and hospital medical scribe.

With a Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California Riverside and a Masters in Public Health, where she received summa cum laude, Sandra has also made her mark in the social sphere as a national spokesmodel and official ambassador for major companies in the automotive, media, and branding industries. Her social media platform showcases her lifestyle advice, spokesmodeling experience, and fitness regimen, all in relation to her medical goals.

Sandra's passion lies in bridging the gap between professionals and inspiring healthy living - can I get a "YAS" to that!


    Taking care of my skin has always been top of my list. Helps improve my overall-wellbeing and confidence!


    Obsessed with juicing celery, apples, kale and so much more. Green juices are my favorite go to drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

  • Hot Yoga

    Love me some hot yoga from CorePower yoga for relaxation and de-stresss! Take all my money $$$

Giving back.